How to Start Mtumba Business Online

Do you want to start mtumba business in Kenya? it is estimated that around 27 Million(according to Standard) Kenyans rely on Mtumba Clothes as their main Mode to Satisfy their dressing need.Therefore the demand for Mtush in Slang can never be met.If you wish to Join this lucrative venture you should consider the following 5 steps:

How to start Mtumba Business in Kenya

1.Where to source for Mtumba Clothes

Most People who start Mtumba Business source their items from Gikomba Market.You need to decide whether you want to start by buying a whole bale or Mtumba Camera.Mtumba camera is normally pre selected high quality products.these are the best to start with for small scale vendors as you can start with as little as Ksh 3000/=.Wake up early and go to Gikomba Select 30 pieces of Ladies tops at Kshs 100 each and sell the though thrift closet at Ksh 350 each.If you are in a position to buy a whole bale you will require to identify a supplier of genuine mtumba as it has been said that most suppliers open the bales before selling them and remove all the good stuff.

2.Your Budget and Focus

How Much do you wish spend to start mtumba business?Most people fail in mtumba business because they take it too casually and fail to plan for cash flows,Mtumba Just like any other business requires that you plan,Because since the capital is small you end up spending it by buying many un necessary items.Focus your energy on single or bi items that are fast moving.


Have a plan of how you intend to market your Mtumba can start by selling to your friends.There are various ways though which you can market. e.g by posting on social media,Using third party website such as Thrift Closet Or through word of Mouth which ever works best for you.


Ensure that you are able to deliver items. You can have a pick up location while working from home.Otherwise it would be useless to market your products if you cant deliver.

5.Finally Ensure you Collect Payment

Never Sell your items on credit.Ensure you collect payment every time you deliver.This will ensure you have enough stock and you will not end up spending the money meant for replenishing stock for your own personal need,Ensure you keep records including data of your customers and notify them every time you have new stock.

Enjoy reading and Start mtumba business its worth while.

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